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August 22-23

Denver, Colorado

  • Transform Field Collaboration & Streamline Construction Operations

Transform Field Collaboration & Streamline Construction Operations

Technology is making its way from the design office to the construction site, from mobile devices and file sharing to virtual reality and drones.

Contractors can now deliver a step-change in managing RFIs, collaborating with subcontractors, scheduling, quality control, prefabrication, and delivering what the owner really wants on time and on budget.

Virtual Construction & Field Technology 2016 will reveal the latest case studies on how emerging technology is being integrated into the construction process. Attendees will learn how field staff can better visualize designs on-site and reduce the cost of completing projects to schedule.

Completely focused on technology for the field, this is the critical forum for contractors looking to develop stronger relationships with their subcontractors and clients and drive efficiency on-site through innovation and emerging technology.

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